Easy way to order!

Happy Friday!

We at CPM Sales and Service wanted to introduce you all to a new, faster, easier way to order your parts. How is that possible? Well via the fax machine!

Just include:

  • the name of your company
  • bill to and ship to addresses
  • purchase order number
  • confirmation contact (and fax number)
  • list of parts to purchase

Fax this information to 1-800-851-3101. When we receive your order we will add the order and respond with a confirmation.

This will be such a time saver! Try it out on your next order and see how the process works to your advantage.

Have a great weekend,
CPM Sales and Service

Goodbye summer. Hello fall!

Summer is fading and fall is full force ahead, so is CPM Sales and Service! We are ready to take on this upcoming fall, assisting you all with your parts and service needs. How so?! Well, we at CPM Sales and Service have been making great internal changes to make sure we can help you even more. With more efficiciency from ordering all the way through shipping, we have improved the process with the goal of being the best place to order and service your machines.

We hope that you are starting to see the difference! If there are any changes that you think would be helpful, feel free to let us know by giving us a call or shooting us an email.

Happy fall!
-CPM Sales and Service

It’s August

It’s already mid-August; that’s hard to believe! So far this summer, we have been working hard building, fixing, and shipping items in order to keep all our customers happy!

We do have an update on a few parts. First, the J6071R is still on back order until October 1st. Second, our J6067’s will be arriving to us in the beginning of September. We apologize for the inconvenience, however, if any status or ETA on these parts change our Twitter and Facebook will address it.

Thank you,
CPM Sales and Service

Thank You!

After many months of waiting, we have finally recieved our batch of power supplies (J6084). We have started to ship these out to you all, according to purchase date (those who purchased them first will/have been at the top of the list). Expect to recieved your power supplies within the next week to week and a half.

We truly appreciate the patience as we waited for these popular parts!

Thank you,
Everyone at CPM Sales and Service.


Just a quick update for those customers who have been waiting on the power supplies. We wanted to share great news with you…by the end of next week we will be shipping out those power supplies. Keep checking back here, Twitter (linked on this site) and Facebook (also linked) for the most recent updates.

-CPM Sales and Service

Power Supply Update

Great news to all those who ordered the power cable (J6084) for the 2030 model CPM. We have found out that those supplies (that were shipped from overseas) went through customs yesterday! That means we should be receiving them in about a week.

We have been waiting for these parts for a while but soon the wait is over! Check out our Twitter page for the latest updates as these supplies get shipped to us.

-CPM Sales and Service